Lophophora williamsii in habitat in Nuevo Leon

Lophophora williamsii in habitat in Nuevo Leon.

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    A pictorial account of some fieldwork conducted in 2007.

    The status of the genus Lophophora is Mexico is surrounded by many questions and conflicting accounts.
        In 2007 Dr. Terry and his research team conducted a field study of the known species of Lophophora that exist in Mexico.
        It was not the intention to harvest any peyote plants but rather to gather information about the state of health of some of the known wild populations. It was also hoped that opportunity would permit the successful sampling of their DNA for a cladistic study.

    This wild specimen of Lophophora fricii has had a tissue sample removed to permit the extraction of its DNA.
        It will recover rapidly from the small injury that was inflicted.

    Lophophora fricii

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